Clay & Lavender is a proudly employee owned beauty brand rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. We take a modern approach to ancient rituals for radiant, glowing skin.


Our story begins...

Clay & Lavender was inspired by founder Alei Xiang’s grandmother, who has been jade rolling and practicing gua sha for over fifty years. Her grandmother treated her skincare routine as a breath of calmness in her busy life. A daily ritual, an act of self care.


A brand rooted in history…

We believe in wisdom through the ages. Our products are based around practices used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, passed down through generations. Gua sha and facial rolling have been healing modalities used for centuries, shared from one family member to another, like our founder and her grandmother.

Our skincare products are formulated in collaboration with Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, using herbs intentionally selected for their healing and beneficial properties that have been studied extensively throughout history.

Our name Clay & Lavender plays homage to Mount Penglai from Chinese mythology. There are magical field full of Lavender that grow on this mountain with healing powers. Not only do they cure injuries and disease but also grant eternal youth.

We adopted the name Clay & Lavender because our mission is to be a source of wellness and healing for you.

Promote Lymphatic Drainage

Clay & Lavender is here to serve you as a source of wellness and beauty. Guide your whole body into a place of healing through a Clay & Lavender facial massage that enhances your beauty on the outside and the inside. Get glowing skin and mental rejuvenation when you make Clay & Lavender part of your everyday ritual.

Reduce Puffiness + Fluid Buildup

Each ingredient has a purpose, and each product we create is natural and effective. We do not compromise on the quality of the stones for our facial tools or the quality of the ingredients in our skincare.

Relieve Facial + Jaw Tension

We create products that we love to use in our own everyday rituals by using effective ingredients that are found in nature. You’ll find ingredients like green tea extract or goji berries in our skincare. What you will never find us doing is diluting our formulations with fillers or using harmful chemicals because we want to achieve radiant skin through natural, safe methods.

Give Skin A Glow

We care about what you care about. We have made a stand to be carbon neutral because we care about supporting our Earth. We have made a stand to give back to communities through Charity Water. We have made a stand to support BIPOC people in our hiring practices.